Rubik's Snake

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Rubik's Twist

Rubik's Snake, (or Rubik's Twist), is a folding puzzle. The Snake was one of the most popular twisty puzzles in the 1980s.

Speedsolving a snake you go from a straight bar to the 'ball' shape (rhombicuboctahedron). Advanced solvers does this in 3-4 grips, rendering times in the range of 2–5 seconds. Solving piece by piece is much slower and gives times in the range 10–15 seconds. The unofficial world record is held by Kadir Sertcali of Sweden and the average is 2.92 seconds.

Out of the box they are not so fast, a speed snake needs breaking in and/or sanding (eventually they get too loose and does not stay in shape when put on the surface).

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