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MGLS method
Mgls method.gif
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Shotaro Makisumi
Lucas Garron
Proposed: 2006
Alt Names:
Variants: EJLS
No. Steps: 2 substeps
No. Algs: 21 ELS
104 CLS
Avg Moves: unknown

The Makisumi-Garron Last Slot (abbreviation MGLS) is a method for solving the final F2L slot while simultaneously orienting the last layer, invented by Shotaro Makisumi in 2006 and later developed by Lucas Garron.


There are two steps:

  • 1. Insert the F2L edge and orient the LL edges (ELS)
  • 2. Insert the F2L corner and orient the LL corners (CLS)


  • MGLS-F - using MGLS with the Fridrich method (all MGLS steps apply)
  • MGLS-Z - using MGLS with the ZZ method (only the the CLS step is used since LL edges are pre-oriented during EOLine)
  • MGLS-P - using MGLS with Petrus (only the the CLS step is used since LL edges are oriented during step 3])