Proposer(s): Shotaro Makisumi
Lucas Garron
Proposed: 2006
Alt Names:
No. Algs: 104
Avg Moves: unknown
Previous state: F2L-1 cube state
Next state: F2L-1E+CO cube state

F2L-1 cube state -> CLS step -> F2L-1E+CO cube state

The CLS step is the step between the F2L-1 cube state and the F2L-1E+CO cube state.

CLS (short for Corners Last Slot) is a sub-step of the MGLS method. In it, you orient all LL corners while simultaneously placing the last F2L slot corner.

There are six groups of cases, depending on the position and orientation of the last slot F2L corner.
C: correctly oriented in slot (7 cases - OLL cases where edge orientation is correct)
I: oriented clockwise in slot (8 cases)
Im: oriented counter-clockwise in slot (8 cases)
+: oriented clockwise in U-layer (27 cases)
-: oriented counter-clockwise in U-layer (27 cases)
O: correctly oriented in U-layer (27 cases)

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