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Proposer(s): Erik Johnson
Proposed: 2008
Alt Names: Erik Johnson F2L, Erik Johnson First Two Layers, EJLS, EJ Last Slot, Erik Johnson Last Slot
Subgroup: unknown
No. Algs: 16
Avg Moves: unknown
Previous state: F2L-1 cube state
Next state: F2L with One Misoriented Corner cube state

F2L-1 cube state -> EJF2L step -> F2L with One Misoriented Corner cube state

The EJF2L step is the step between the F2L-1 cube state and the F2L with One Misoriented Corner cube state.

Erik Johnson F2L (abbreviation EJF2L, also known as EJLS (EJ Last Slot)) is an F2L technique proposed by Erik Johnson. It uses a subset of the MGLS CLS step, those cases where the F2L corner is inserted but not necessarily oriented. It is used in methods that pre-orient the LL edges, such as ZZ or Petrus.

The idea behind the technique is to allow any one F2L corner to be inserted in a wrong orientation (and hence faster), to be fixed later using CLS while orienting the last layer corners.

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