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Alt Names: Last 5 Corners with (edge) Orientation
Variants: L3C, L4C, L5C, Conjugated CxLL
No. Algs: 614
Avg Moves:
Previous state: F2L-1 + EO cube state
Next state: unknown

F2L-1 + EO cube state -> L5CO step -> Next cube state

The L5CO step is the step between the F2L-1 + EO cube state and the Next cube state.

Last 5 Corners with (edge) Orientation is a set of 614 algorithms which solves L5C while preserving F2L-1 EO. It does not preserve the permutation of the FR and U layer edges.

To reduce the amount of algorithms to only 42, Conjugated CxLL with COLL can be used. However, this leads to slightly higher movecount and also requires orienting one corner.

L5CO is generally used in methods that orient edges before last slot (for example ZZ and Petrus) and followed by L5EP to solve LSLL in two looks. An example of this is ZZ-Zipper. It is also used in WaterZZ where it is followed by L6EP.

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