Gelatinbrain's Virtual Magic Polyhedra is a website with virtual simulations of puzzles. Many of these puzzles do not exist in physical form or are not available to the public, hence why many puzzlers solve on gelatinbrain. The controls on gelatinbrain are mouse based. A left-click on a slice, edge, or corner indicates a clockwise move of that type. A left click will spawn a counter-clockwise turn. A shift+click will turn an inner slice. Upon submission after a solve, a record will be instantly submitted to the site, and it will typically be added within a day. Gelatinbrain keeps track and has a record section for puzzle times, movecounts, and total puzzles solved.

Popular puzzles on the simulator that are not publicly available include but are not limited to: Pyracosaminx, Icosaminx and the Super-x.