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GabbaSoft Inc. was founded in 2005 and is an independent game developing company, mainly focused on developing 3D software. They are best known for their Cube Demo application, which is a program to simulate 3D rubik's cubes.

Currently their website is down and does not offer any downloads, though a few download mirrors are listed below.

Gabbasoft's Cube Demo

A 3x3 Cube being scrambled

Cube Demo, also known as Puzzle Cube, is a demonstration of 3D puzzle software. It was originally created to promote interest in Gabbasoft and to gain constructive comments for developing newer puzzle software. Nowadays it is used by many cubers mainly for solving big cubes.


  • Ability to simulate a rubik's cube from 2x2 to 20x20
  • Ability to print arrow patterns on a cube
  • A function to instantly solve a cube
  • A function to scramble a cube
  • Ability to undo moves
  • Total move counter
  • Timer that starts after the first move has been done
  • Full screen modes


The cube can be rotated by holding the right mouse button and moving the mouse around. A layer can be twisted 90° with the left mouse button by dragging a layer in the desired direction.

Some hotkeys include:

180° layer twist = CTRL + Left mouse button
90° cube rotate = SHIFT + Left mouse button
Zoom in/out = Up/Down arrow or mouse wheel

Cube Demo download mirrors

Gabbasoft @ Box

Gabbasoft @ ESnips

Gabbasoft @ ExtaBit

Gabbasoft @ EYVX

Gabbasoft @ FileApe

Gabbasoft @ FileDino

Gabbasoft @ FileDropper

Gabbasoft @ FileFactory

Gabbasoft @ FileFlyer

Gabbasoft @ FileHosting

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Gabbasoft @ GameFront

Gabbasoft @ Gett

Gabbasoft @ GigaSize

Gabbasoft @ HotFile

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Gabbasoft @

Gabbasoft @ LocalHostr

Gabbasoft @ MediaFire

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Gabbasoft @ Minus

Gabbasoft @ Mlfat4Arab

Gabbasoft @ Nakido

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Gabbasoft @ Przeklej

Gabbasoft @ PutLocker

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Gabbasoft @

Gabbasoft @ Uploading

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Gabbasoft @ Zshare

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