Daniel Lo

Daniel Lo
Daniel Lo
Background Information
Alias(es): Dan Lo, Dan
Country: USA
Born: 15 September 1987 (age 31)
Occupation(s): Graduate Student (Cornell)
Years Active: 2005-present
WCA ID: 2005LODA01
Claim to Fame: Caltech Cube Club president

Daniel Lo (often Dan Lo, less commonly simply Dan) is an Asian-American speedcuber. As the second president of the Caltech Cube Club following Tyson Mao, Dan Lo oversaw the club's late golden age. Dan Lo's analogy of Magic to ball-in-cup was one of the starting points of the Mystery Puzzle. Tyson has occasionally introduced Dan as follows: "This man is the reason why we have mystery puzzles."

Dan Lo currently attends graduate school in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Cornell University.


  • At US Open 2007, Dan Lo tied for first in Fewest Moves with Stefan Pochmann with a result of 39 moves, becoming the first US Champion in this event.

Stefan: "What is your method? Do you use pre-moves?" Dan: "PLL skip."


National Titles
Preceded by
3x3 Fewest Moves US Champion
Succeeded by
Chris Hardwick

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