Dan Harris

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Dan Harris
Background Information
Alias(es): DanH
Country: United Kingdom
Born: c. 1985 (age 38–39)
Occupation(s): Weather Forecaster at the UK Meteorological Office
Years Active: 2003-2010
WCA ID: 2003HARR01
Claim to Fame: FMC founder, VH co-inventor

Dan Harris is a British speedcuber from Great Yarmouth, England. He was the first world-class speedcuber to hail from the United Kingdom since the 1980s. For several years he was the fastest British speedcuber. As a result, Dan was one of the early 2000s speedcubers who received the most media exposure. He promoted cubing to the general public through this and his published book Speedsolving the Cube. Among his achievements was getting the fastest single Rubik's Cube solve of 10.59 seconds at the World Championship 2007.

Dan's website, cubestation.co.uk, was launched in 2003 and was an early reference for CFOP. Among some of the other popular resources on his website were the Fewest Moves Challenge, launched in early 2003. The website disappeared in 2011, but he began restoring it in July 2017.

With Lars Vandenbergh, Dan invented a variant of CFOP now known as the VH Method with its original VHLS substep.

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