CubeSkills is a website created by Feliks Zemdegs, two-time Rubik's cube world champion, with the purpose of teaching cubers how to get faster in an organized and clear format that will guide them through the full speedcubing journey from beginner to advanced, as opposed to the generally scattered and incomplete series from other sources.

On CubeSkills, there are instructional videos on and algorithms for 3x3, OH, 4x4, 5x5, and Megaminx. Videos range from beginner, intermediate, and advanced techniques.

Furthermore, one can find solve critiques, a glossary, and a PLL recognition trainer on the website.

The website is run off of a premium membership service which users pay for in order to have full access to all CubeSkills content. However, a large number of CubeSkills' videos are also published on their YouTube channel for free.

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