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Briggs method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Joseph Briggs (Shadowslice e)
Proposed: 2015
Alt Names:
Variants: YruRU
No. Steps: 3 major, 5 minor
No. Algs: 54 (full), <10 min
Avg Moves: ~50

The original CP (corner permutation) First method was created by Shadowslice based off Jaap's work on corner permutation and ZZ-Porky. It is not really a practical method and was more of a proof of concept as CP first methods were an entirely new concept.


Original Proposal

  1. Solve CP and a 1x1x3 in DL using a 3-cycle to help with planning FB
  2. Extend to a 1x2x3 using <RrMUu>
  3. Extend to a 2x2x3+EO using the same moves
  4. Finish F2L using <R,U>
  5. 2GLL

Implementing 2GR Style CP

  1. Solve CP and FB at the same time using the same recognition as from 2GR's CPLine
  2. Extend to a 2x2x3+EO using the <RrMUu>
  3. Finish F2L using <RU>
  4. 2GLL


  • 84 alg 1LLL is reasonably good.
  • <R,r,U,M> is very ergonomic.
  • A fair amount can be planned in inspection.


  • Lookahead is poor.
  • CP can be a big drain in inspection.
  • EO+ blockbuilding at the same time is hard.
  • CP can take quite a few moves.
  • It can take a while to get used to CP planning.

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