B2 (Briggs2) Method

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B2 method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Joseph Briggs (Shadowslice e)
Proposed: 2015
Alt Names: Briggs2
No. Steps: 3 major, 5 minor
No. Algs: 54 (full), <10 min
Avg Moves: <45

A CP (corner permutation) first method created by Shadowslice 2015. It is a variation or improvement on the original Briggs method. It is a low movecount but very complex steps (a common feature of CP first methods at the time of creation unfortunately).


  1. Correct CP and solve F2B-1 (variety of ways: see CP (corner permutation) First)
  2. Create a pair and execute BLS to solve LS+ last layer corners while forcing a 4-flip Eo case.
  3. LSE


  • Low movecount (45-)
  • Good lookahead
  • Low alg count (54)
  • Ergonomic (mostly <R,U,Rw,M>)


  • Complex first step (as with all my CP first methods unfortunately)

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