1x2x3 Block

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1st Roux Block
Visualcube rouxblock.gif
Proposer(s): Gilles Roux
Proposed: 2003
Alt Names: First Roux Block, First Block, FB, Left block, LB
Variants: FBEO, FBCP
No. Algs: intuitive
Avg Moves: 5.14 (color neutral)
5.6 (x2y neutral)
6.7 (fixed) [1]

The 1x2x3 Block is the first step of several 3x3x3 speedsolving methods, the most popular being Roux. This first step consists of building a 1x2x3 block anywhere on the cube.

Depending on the method used, it may also be called First block (often shortened to FB) in a Roux context or Left block (shortened to LB) in a LEOR context.

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