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  1. Fukuoka Kengo James

    Budget High-end Pyraminx comparison

    WCA hardware comparison threads: Best 2x2 comparison https://www.speedsolving.com/threads/best-2x2-comparison-new.74709/ Budget 3x3 comparison https://www.speedsolving.com/threads/budget-3x3-comparison.75201/ Budget high-end 3x3 comparison...
  2. CubeCow

    [Member Intro] Hi!

    I'm CubeCow. I just started cubing exactly 1 week from today (3/5/15) and I memorized the beginner method in five days. My first cube was a New Island Phoenix stickerless cube, which I can no longer use because of losing one of the pieces when popping. I am now going to get a YJ Yulong, and a...
  3. SolveThatCube

    YJ YuLong Review

    My second review - tell me if it's any good :) Oh and how bad is that thumbnail? (I had 7.5 mins to make it)
  4. D

    [Help Thread] "What cube is this?" The cube / puzzle identification thread

    there have been a lot of threads for identifying cubes, so i thought why not put them all into one thread? Rules: 1. resize your picture (if any) 2. no spam. THIS IS NOT SANDBOX 3. Give as much description as possible or pictures of the mechanism. nobody could identify your cube if you...