1. WinterCub3r

    Where are some of the strangest places you have solved a cube?

    So I thought it would be cool to start a thread about all the weird places people have solved before. I have solved in the back of a cop car< not being arrested :P and at the doctors a week after knee surgery.
  2. Michael Womack

    MoYu 13x13x13

    Who is ready for this cube? I know I am. I found This cube out from this
  3. Davepencilguin

    Easy / Lucky / Funny / Hard / Weird scrambles thread

    Have you ever gotten a REALLY lucky scramble, where you start with a semi-solved cube? I got this scramble for the 2x2x2 form JNetCube timer: L B2 D L D2 L' D F' U' R F2 D B2 U' F' L D F' U2 R2 B R' B2 U' F2 Anybody have any?