1. Cubing Forever

    | My personal progress thread | Quest to sub 15 with Mehta | Learning algs | Grinding Solves |

    So, this is an ordinary progress thread where I'll update my weekly progress. Averages: 3x3: 18 Method: Mehta Main: Qiyi Warrior S 2x2: 4.8 Method: Ortega Main: YJ YuPo v2 M OH: 43-44 Method: Mehta
  2. A

    Magic Madness Competition

  3. TejasvaTheStark

    The Cubing Weekly

    Well, I know that some of you may or may not know about the Cubing Weekly. It's basically a weekly series that covers mostly all topics related to Cubing. Till now only 4 episodes have been released, but I expect more to come out, every week. Well that depends on the time I have every week. It...
  4. L

    The WCA Events Weekly Relay Race.

    This is a "quick" relay I have been doing to improve on the WCA events. It is pretty fun and for those who like the 2-7 relay they will probably enjoy this. (no magics incorporated) So here is the relay: -3x3 BLD always first. Then order doesn't matter. 1. 2x2 2. 3x3 3. 4x4 4. 5x5...
  5. J

    Race to sub-8 Pyraminx

    As with the other race thread new scrambles will be posted every Sunday at around 5pm GMT. 12 scrambles will be given results should be given as the average and individual times. Scrambles are randomly generated by qqtimer. PM me if you graduate (3 weeks in a row sub-8 average) Times must be...