1. IamWEB

    [Unofficial] 8.81 avg5 - 3x3x3

    Hi. :) Average: 8.81 Standard Deviation: 0.21 Best Time: 8.31 Worst Time: 9.94 Individual Times: 1. (8.31) U' R F L F' D R2 B2 R' B L' F2 U D F2 U' B2 D B2 2. 8.48 R2 B' D B' U' F2 R' B L F' B R2 B2 D' L2 U2 L2 F2 D R2 D 3. (9.94) R U D' F R B' R2 L B' R L' F2 D B2 U R2 L2 F2...
  2. J

    I am proposing a website for all specialised alg sets!

    I am proposing a Website for Specialist Alg-Sets! http://joshuafarrell.16mb.com Hello, I have created the website www.joshuafarrell.16mb.com (sorry its a default subdomain), on the website is currently some small alg-sets I have created which are probably not incredibly useful but each have...
  3. SpeedCubeReview

    New Cube Review site

    Hi everyone, With the recent influx of cubes and speed cubers I have decided to create a site dedicated to reviews and news (www.SpeedCubeReview.com). Now I understand that there are a ton of places for that. One being this forum, another YouTube, and others being practically every site...
  4. IamWEB

    [Unofficial] 10.77 avg12 3x3x3

    :tu Sub-11 video. The timer is a slightly cut off in the video, so I edited in the times after each solve. IQScMoxNgks Solves + Scrambles: Also, 8.49 single: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFMC8qunKl4
  5. IamWEB

    [Unofficial] Can I borrow your eyes for a sec? Look: 12.13 avg12 (w/ 9.14 NL single)

    Yay, now I get to upload a sub-12 average next ;) Mobile Viewers Use This: All the info you need is right there in the video. IN YOU INSIST ON SEEING MORE SOLVING: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS_n2sycFj8 (Something is wrong with embedding it) Thank you for your time.
  6. IamWEB

    [Official] 13.18 Average - William Boards - Dallas Open 2011

    :tu. I was out for a while on Friday night. It's not 4:59 AM Saturday morning, and I haven't been to sleep yet. I'm not too tired, but I'll sleep well very soon.
  7. IamWEB

    [Unofficial] 11.73 avg5 :)

    It's a little dark; scrambles were lost :/. Cube: DaYan GuHong (w/ Lubix). Now if only it were that good all the time... :eek:
  8. IamWEB

    [Unofficial] 4.29 avg5 2x2x2 SkmtTimer

    I can 2x2x2 avg5 faster than faz 3x3x3 avg5, I should feel proud. Still using an EastSheen: CLL. Just ordered a LanLan so yeah, that's that. 1. 4.38 U F2 U R' F U2 R' F2 U' 2. 3.90 F' R2 F2 U R' U F' R2 F 3. (4.97) R2 U R2 U' F' R U2 F' R' U2 4. (3.88) U R' F' R2 F R' U2 R F' 5. 4.58 U' F...
  9. IamWEB

    Hey Kids! Cubs!

    Rubik's Cubs. http://firefoxlive.mozilla.org/ Seeing as FireFox is a very popular browser, and a new update (3.6.15) is out, here this is. But more importantly, they're showing a live feed miniFFs and that might possibly be something you sort of would be interested in probably seeing...
  10. IamWEB

    [Unofficial] 8.96 Single (PLL Skip)

  11. IamWEB

    [Unofficial] 1:17.11 Team BLD - William B. and Michael P.

    loltitlerhyme So I went to Michael's house to race him, one solve led to another, and well... Yeah. Not bad at all considering it's we actually tried to doing this, WITH ACTUAL TERMS IN THE F2L OMG FREAK OUT I SHOULD STOP TYPING NOW. Sub-1: will be easy next time.
  12. IamWEB

    [Unofficial] 10.69 NL Single, and an OH 39.31 avg5 - WEB

    NL, nice LL. :D D2 L2 R2 U2 L U2 L' D2 R B' F2 D2 U' B' F2 R D L2 D2 F2 R' D U' B' D' I bet THAT didn't look like calm turning. :p Well yeah... OH. Scrambles were cut from the video. Not really looking for advice, I'm just out of practice. I haven't made an OH videos in forever and I'm on...
  13. IamWEB

    [Unofficial] 14.68 Calm Turning avg12 - WEB

    l7_9lm9ScCw Calm turning, I swear. :( Annotations added for fun, and because if you're faster than me you probably wouldn't watch. lol Happy Thanksgiving Break. ;)