1. mDiPalma

    [Unofficial] Sub-20 with 20 ZZ "Variants"

    This was really fun to make. I was going to do 21, but I couldn't think of any more variants :fp . I got slightly lucky on the LBL and OCELL solves, but I don't think too much of it.
  2. C

    [Unofficial] Another 5x5 variation (Roux based)

    And the next round of the simian wars ... K5 and 2x2 Ortega.
  3. C

    how winter variation works?

    Winter variation (or F2LL), like many other systems, requires learning algorithms. And I am just too lazy too learn 27 algorithms( excluding mirrors), so i've been trying to figure out how winter vatiation works in order to be able to do it intuitively (and by intuitively I mean without having...

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