us nationals

  1. CuberRiley

    Fundraising For US Nationals

    Hey all!!! So I'm having some trouble coming up with some money for US Nats 2015, and I thought about either starting a fundraiser, or going door to door telling people what I want money for. Any suggestions/tips/ideas? I'm almost 13, so it's kind of hard to get a job or get actual money from...
  2. ToastyKen

    US Nationals 2012 Video Documentary (with interviews!)

    It only took me, what, 5 months to get around to editing this? :) Here's my video documentary of US Nationals 2012! Edit: Vimeo version, should be slightly higher quality, and you can DOWNLOAD the video, too! Edit: MORE...
  3. antoineccantin

    [Official] Some of my solves from US Nationals 2012

    Unfortunately, most of my best solves were not filmed, but I still have some good ones. Any tips, tricks, comments or reconstructions would be very much appreciated!
  4. CuberMan

    [AsR] Baramee Pookcharoen 9.65 OH single

    Done by Baramee Pookcharoen at US Nationals 2012
  5. HelpCube

    US Nationals 2011: The Movie?

    It pretty much seems like you guys want this to happen, so I think it's pretty close to official at this point. The video below is the video I made asking people about the idea. As long as this is official and you guys are really willing to help me out and make this a community effort, I'll go...
  6. IMSLOW1097

    Hello...I think.

    Hi, everyone! My name is Aaron Abramowitz; my username is IMSLOW1097, but I average about 20-23 seconds on the 3x3 (Not too slow after all, huh?). I live in Ohio, and i have been to 2 competitions. I'll be going to US nats 2011 in august-can past nats competitors tell me what it's like? This...