1. SpeedCubeReview

    Cube magic

    I Am trying to figure out how he did this. Any thoughts?
  2. mark49152

    Finger trick notation

    Is there a notation for describing fingering for algorithms? Like the way sheet piano music is annotated with fingering? My notes are littered with annotations like "(g-rt-u)" embedded into algs (= regrip right thumb on U). These help me remember fingerings I've seen in videos or worked out...
  3. MaikeruKonare

    Twisty Puzzle Magic Tricks

    By posting this I hope to trigger your imaginations, come up with some cool magic trick ideas! Here is my magic trick with my 4x4x4 cube. Let me know what you think, and post your own!
  4. N

    [Unofficial] Dynamo and the Rubik's cube (Magic trick)

    Scramble: White on U and Green on F B2 L2 R B2 D2 L R' F' D B' F' L D U' R B2 L R' Solve: :p
  5. Hovair

    Solving 3x3 with only 2 moves

    I made up a trick that works. I tried to copy brusspups way to solve it . I hope you like it and can figure out the trick.
  6. D

    [Help Thread] F2L Discussion and Help

    I have not been practicing Fridrich F2L more than a few weeks. I wrote these personal notes for helping myself out getting better. if you have any thoughts feel free to post them. my biggest problem is to spot the two pieces (looking ahead). putting them together is really intuitiv when you...