1. Noahaha

    Guide to Transitioning to 3-Cycle BLD

    It has occurred to me that there are very few resources available for people who want to take BLD past the Old Pochmann method. I have (for the most part) switched to 3-cycles for corners, and I feel that although I am no expert on the method, I understand the process fairly well. This guide...
  2. jskyler91

    How to Look Ahead in the Fridrich/ CFOP Method

    This is the first part of my 4 part series on how to look ahead in CFOP. I realize that this first vid, and possibly others may not be presenting original information, but no one has, to my knowledge made this inforation available in video form. Let me know if this helps you guys out. I...
  3. jskyler91

    [Help Thread] Colour Neutral Transition Thread

    In search of a thread where you can get some tips on how to become color neutral or simply discuss your triumphs and failures at making the transition? Well you have come to the right place!!! To keep this thread productive and useful, here are a few guidelines as to how this thread should...