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    This is the F2L subset which flips and permutes edges on the E layer of a 3x3

    This is the JF2L subset which is obviously an F2L subset, it is split into two sections EF2L and SF2L. EF2L flips, switches and cycles edges around the E layer of the cube (F2L edges that aren't in correct position and or flipped correctly). SF2L is a subset that moves F2L pairs in the first two...
  2. M

    What to Learn after full OLL?

    Alright so I'm finishing up with the oll algs so now I don't know what to spend my time on (besides the obvious f2l improvement) anyway I know full OLL and PLL and I'm color neutral so I'm just wondering whats the most important thing right now. P.S I average 18-20 if that helps at all...
  3. X

    COLL tutorials

    hi, im making a series of coll tutorials, ive done 2 subsets until now, and will keep doing more. if you would like me to do any other sort of video, please comment it fcane heres one of the vids enjoy
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    Recently I realized there are not enough things named after me (sad I know). So I decided to devise a ZBLL alternative to be named after me (I'd like to make it very clear I am not advertising this as something to be learned in place of OLL/PLL but rather for people who are considering learning...
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    [Help Thread] What should I learn next?

    I have 22 more OLL's to go before I know full Fridrich. I am wondering in what order should I start introducing the fine techniques? I already do Pieces Stuck in Another Slot and Using Empty Slots intuitively. Should I continue doing these intuitively or should I learn algs for them? When should...