1. ruwix

    Solvable cube if stickers randomly applied? What's the chance?

    I know that I have 1/12 chance that my cube will be solvable if I take it apart and assemble it randomly (edge and corner parity combined). The question is what is the probability of a solvable cube if I peel off the stickers and stick them back randomly. :confused:
  2. Azndwarf

    Best cube for Cubesmith sticker mod?

    I have been wanting a sudoku and maze cube for a while now and I would like to know which is a cheap and good alternative for the cubesmith stickers mods.
  3. S

    Sticker thread

    I know there haven't been any threads like this before concerning just stickers. No thread has soley just covered this area in cubing. I think that it would be a good idea, to just post about what kind of stickers you use on your cubes, what colours, size, logo's, where you buy them, how often...
  4. advincubing

    Where to get matte stickers? (other than Cube Depot)

    Does anyone know of a good sticker resource, other than Cube Depot, for matte stickers? I am a Cubesmith regular, and really like his stickers and variety. On a recommendation, I ordered Cube Depot's matte stickers, which arrived in 48 hours. I just re-stickered my Edison cube with them, and...
  5. HelpCube

    What is your favorite sticker set?

    Didn't see anything like this, so yea. What sticker set do you use, and why? EDIT: I know the title of the poll is which do you use, but I meant prefer.
  6. K

    How do you all resticker your cubes?

    I am getting Cubesmith stickers and do not want mess up my cube. Thanks. ;)
  7. M

    New sticker shop

    Hi all! I write here rarely, mostly I red this forum (but, not too often). Now, I would like to announce you, my new sticker webshop. Probably, many of you have met with me in competitions, and some of you have tried my stickers as well. Please visit my shop, and feel free to ask me if you...
  8. cuberkid10

    Color Schemes For Many Puzzles

    I was just wondering what color schemes you use for different cubes. Also the shade of the colors. 2x2-7x7 Black: American Scheme with Bright Blue (Bright Set) 2x2-7x7 White: American Scheme with Chrome and Bright Blue (Bright Set) Pyraminx: Cubesmith's Bright Set Megaminx: The MF8's Color...