1. JustAnotherCuber

    Speedcubeshop Prices

    Just wondering, is it possible to show the prices on Speedcubeshop to a different currency. Like i use CAD, but the prices shown now are in USD. I remember Speedcubeshop used to do this automatically, but I guess things have changed.
  2. E


  3. W

    Speedcubeshop HELP!!! Please

    i ordered 3 thing from speedcubeshop last fri and it still isn't here! i bought like 5 cubes once on fri and they arrived mon!
  4. loverthehater

    Some Questions about FII

    I just bought an FII on speedcubeshop.com... is it prelubed? if not, is it safe to lube it with jig-a-loo (i just heard about the Dayan Guhong that got destroyed with a type of lube)