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  1. PicubeShop

    PicubeShop - Get the best speed cube for a great price at picubeshop.com!

    Hi, everyone! Picube was founded in August of 2017 with a variety of hand-done custom speed cubes and other popular puzzles by four speedcubing enthusiasts. Our custom magnetic cubes have been recognized as the most professional and industry leading speed cubes in China. Many top cubers in China...
  2. Luke Terzich

    KewbzUK - The UK's Largest Speed Cube Shop

    Hey Guys. Luke here from KewbzUK :D We have just celebrated our 4th birthday and I thought, why not introduce ourselves to those that had not yet heard of us. Who are KewbzUK? We are a UK based speed cube shop, founded in 2015 and have grown exponentially ever since. We have currently rated...