1. TheOnlyNameless

    Fun things to do with 3x3 Spare parts?

    I recently broke my 3x3 core, and now i have a load of spare parts lying around. Apart from fixing it (i have better cubes) does anyone know any fun things that you can do/make?
  2. Austinator414

    Shengshou 5x5 for Spare Parts

    I have a shengshou 5x5 with a broken core in a plastic bag and I don't know what to do with it. I can sell it to anybody who wants to buy it for pretty cheap, if you live in the continental U.S. Thanks!
  3. wontolla

    Looking for a v-cube 7x7 spare piece

    I broke one of the edges of my v-cube 7x7 and I wonder if there is someone in the forum that has spare pieces and could sell me one. I searched the forum and found two year old threads about this so I'm not sure if they fixed their 7x7 or not. And if people like Izovire or Stachu still have...

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