1. L

    Singapore Cubes for sale

    Singapore cubers, I have cubes for sale, and I believe it is the cheapest price avaliable locally Weilong Black: Qty 1 Price 12 sgd Aolong Black: Qty 3 Price 13 sgd Cyclone Boys 55mm Qty 3 Price 5 SGD
  2. jblake17

    Singapore Competitions

    Hello everyone. I realize that there will be a competition held in Singapore on 23rd February and I was planning on going but had to withdraw. Singapore only seems to have one competition each year and I just thought that it would be great if it could become more regular. Is anyone else...
  3. cxinlee

    Hey everyone! My name is Xin I'm from Singapore.

    Hello everyone! My name is Xin from Singapore and I'm 13. I'm averaging around 20 seconds using the Fridrich Method with cross on side, F2L, 2-look OLL and almost all the PLLs (I left out the N Perms because I was lazy). I've been cubing for a year and I'm currently using an unlubricated cube...
  4. S

    Where to buy puzzles in Singapore?

    hey guys i live in singapore (hence the name) and i have no idea where to buy any non cubic shaped puzzles. (megaminx..... pyraminx tetraminx skewb ultimate whatever) what is a good place to get a good quality puzzle? and, where do i get the rubik's mirror blocks cube? (weird thing is...

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