1. CriticalCubing

    Speedcubers United | Speedcubing shirt

    Hello Guys, This is my latest shirt design. The quote goes like this "A great cube dosen't make a great cuber, A great cuber makes cubes work great" You can buy it here: Speedcubers United This shirt will be avilable for buying until the end of October 2015. You have different colors and...
  2. CriticalCubing

    When fast isn't enough | Speedcubing Tee

    Hey Guys, With everyone's support, I have launched the campaign Buy Now: You can buy till the end of this month, that is 31st October 2014. After that the tees will be produced and shipped. Check your "sizing", so you order the right fit and ,"delivery" to...
  3. Veerexx

    Cubing + Cubing Related Clothing (Shirts, Hoodies etc.)

    Hey there, So, on the market, at the current time, there are not too many products that are of the cubing nature... This upsets me! I am going to try and compile a list of clothing :) Here are a few cubing items of clothing :) FU NonCuber ( From here...
  4. B

    Minecraft Cube

    I found a picture today of a shirt that has a 3x3x3 on it, and all the stickers are blocks from Minecraft. So I made it my mission to make myself one of these! The sticker icons I chose were Creeper's Face Dirt TNT Cobblestone Diamond Ore Sand Whaddya think? Imma make it no matter...
  5. Keegan

    Lets make some epic Cube shirts

    So, one night several weeks ago, I was browsing for rubiks cube shirts, and found a discussion somewhere on this forum where a user had made a list of speedcubing facts on the back of a shirt (I can't seem to find the thread tonight, or I would reference it). Anyhow, some of the facts are...