1. M

    Type F-III mod

    This has probably been figured out, but i found a mod that reduces clickyness and lockups on the F-III. The blue part is the modded part, i took a tiny strip of sandpaper and rubbed the sharp part for about 15 seconds, overall, i like what this did to my cube, it's a nice feel...
  2. Tommy34

    FII Malfunction help?

    Hi guys/gals, my FII that I have had for about one month now has started acting up. I replaced the stickers after about one week, and am glad that I did. The problem that I have found is that the caps on the edge/corner pieces keep popping. This started happening today after I applied lube, and...
  3. MrIndianTeen

    Puzzle Mod / Modding thread

    Hi this will be a thread on any modded cubes you have. You can share pictures here too. I'll start w/ an "elite" I just made. Here are my mods. Keep clicking on next to see the other pics.
  4. brandbest1

    Dayan GuHong or Shengen FII

    Hey guys, I am deciding between two cubes: the Dayan Guhong 3x3, and the Shengen FII. Which one shall I get? (And yes, ignore the sticker quality of the FII. I can resticker it.) Also, if it is a Dayan, should I get a Dayan Stickerless cube, the DIY kit, or the assembled version? sorry if i...
  5. loverthehater

    Some Questions about FII

    I just bought an FII on is it prelubed? if not, is it safe to lube it with jig-a-loo (i just heard about the Dayan Guhong that got destroyed with a type of lube)
  6. ZamHalen

    [Review] ShengEn Type F 3x3x3 Version 2

    This thread is for reviews of the ShengEn Type F 3x3x3 Version 2. You can vote in the poll above, but please only vote if you own this particular puzzle. When posting your review, please follow a template similar to this: Where the puzzle was purchased: When the puzzle was purchased: Thoughts...