rubik's cube speedsolve

  1. ZNCuber

    Rubik's Cube World Records Video [August 2015]

    Hey guys check out my video of all the WCA current world records singles! Note: 3x3 fewest moves is not included, 4x4 and skewb singles are the older record footage and the 3x3 blindfoleded single is the 2nd ranked world record due to copyright issues. But other than that just sit back and enjoy...
  2. TPC

    [Official] Eva Kato 7.55 3x3 Single (Female WR)

    My fellow girl cuber and good friend Eva, or Hashtag Cuber, got a female world record in round 1 of 3x3 at Nationals. :D VGJ to her, even though she is a nub for having a reaction, or lack thereof, that rivals Collin's.