rubik's cube 3x3x3

  1. A

    [Unofficial] Rubik's cube 3x3: 13.91 sec single solve

    Hey guys :) I just started my YouTube channel and the channel is all about cubing. I know that I'm not the fastest solver on the planet but solving Rubik's cube just makes me happy :) Please enjoy watching!
  2. N

    Rubik's Cube Around | Romania

    Hi guys, We did an awesome video with Rubik's Cube passed until it gets solved. All persons in this video are part of a speedcubing community from Romania. Background info: Scramble: D' R2 D' R D R' D R' F' R B2 R' D B2 D' F D B2 D' R D' F D' F' D' B L' U' R' U' B D' Solve: D B' U R U L B' D...
  3. WonderDrow

    Rubik's Cube 3x3x3 One Page Beginners Guide (Layer By Layer)

    This guide was created with those in mind that just obtained a Rubik's cube. I've tried to put a layer-by-layer solution on a single page. Like with most beginners guides it aims to present a minimum of algo's that are relatively easy to learn. rubik_cube_beginners_guide.pdf The F2L, LL-CECE...
  4. J

    A new take on cubing -No colors, just numbers!!

    Hey SpeedSolving! My name’s James and I’m writing to you on behalf of the Innovation Factory in Chicago. We’re launching a product called the Magic Cube that I think you guys are really going to like. It takes the traditional 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube and adds a layer of complexity. We've...
  5. T

    [Unofficial] 3x3 BLD Mo3 2 1:29.89

    Today, I did some blind and I recorded this : I don't know if it's my PB. My conner's execution is very slow so have you got some tips to improve it?
  6. S

    Sticker thread

    I know there haven't been any threads like this before concerning just stickers. No thread has soley just covered this area in cubing. I think that it would be a good idea, to just post about what kind of stickers you use on your cubes, what colours, size, logo's, where you buy them, how often...
  7. H

    "The Liar" Short film Rubik's!

    Hey all! I am a long time lurker. I'm also a full time actor, and am making a short film for festivals this year that will feature a rubik's cube being solved! :) The character will be a novice, and I myself am nothing to brag about. *Best time 22, average around 45-60 ugh* But I am hoping to...
  8. G

    [Unofficial] 3x3 blindfolded in 6:53.40

    I just started doing blindfolded 5 days ago, this is my best time so far. I now have about a 1 in 4 success rate. Tips and tricks are always welcome!!! Scramble:
 B' R' U' D' L' B' L2 B2 R' B' F' D2 L2 R2 B' D B2 U' F R2 B D' F2 D2 B2 Method: Classic Pochmann
 Memorization: Edges
 PJ wants to...
  9. M

    Guide | Rubik's Cube easy animated toturial (new!)

    How to solve a Rubik's Cube - beginners method with animations. maorshon.
  10. D

    [Help Thread] Lookahead Discussion

    I posted most of this in the Introduction forum but I'll repeat a little bit here... I've been cubing for almost 2 weeks now, not too intensely since i have the job/wife/child to take care of but I've been spending time with the cube almost every night at some point. I learned enough of the...