rubik cube

  1. Boby Okta Arianda


    I am currently making a small project, the "Cubing Rewind 2018" video with the theme "Everyone Can Play Rubik Cube", the video is still in the process of collecting videos and will be edited soon and will be uploaded to YouTube later this year. Because I am not a video editing professional, I...
  2. yhkim

    Rubik's Cube Master (Virtual Cube Solving / Practise and Timer) - Android, iOS

    Hi everyone.! Please try my app and give me feedback on how to improve it. I'm looking forward to it. Thanks!! iOS: Android:
  3. Shreyas NT

    Three stunts while solving a Rubik's Cube one-handed

    a headstand some random yoga-ish pose one hand pushups :)
  4. Shirosi


    Soooo yeah im semi new to cubing. Ive been solving cubes for about 3 weeks now and i can already basically do a 2x2 3x3 4x4 5x5( still memorizing parity... lol) and a 7x7. So ive learned alot and i want to learn more and get fast! :)
  5. lego

    [Unofficial] Rubik Cube Average:11.35

    Hi everyone :D
  6. szalejot

    Does turning RC increase your precision?

    I am cuber with times around 30s. I use Guhong for practise. I have heard some voices, that cuber should do some practise solves with cube like classic Rubiks (or other, that almost do not cut corners) to train precision in moves. Without that precision is hard to achieve good times. So I...
  7. G

    Zonhoven Open 2013

    Hello everybody, just a heads up, the Zonhoven Open 2013 competition will be held on 2 and 3 March 2013 at the NachtWacht Youth center in Zonhoven (Belgium). I will try to incorporate all the official WCA events in the schedule. The competition will be officially announced shortly. Greetings...
  8. R

    Best SpeedCubers From the World

    New video in YouTube!! The best SpeedCubers since now!! With most of the fastests solves (some of them have average solves because i was unable to find the best ones, or they were in a poor quality)!! Incredible fast times, all in real time!! A must to see video...
  9. A

    Texas Speedcubing

    Any Houston cubers? I feel like there is, but there isnt =P Well yea i looked through the WCA comps and dont see any in houston o.O So yea i want go to competition one day.