1. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 1:02.40 Megaminx Average of 5! - Rami Sbahi

    1:02.16, 1:02.68, 1:02.36, (1:03.47), (1:01.28) = 1:02.40 Average! :) Really happy with this, although I have a 1:01.xx off camera. Now I have a non-official megaminx avg5 on youtube! I spent some time editing to make the scrambling sped up and stuff, so enjoy! :D Oh, at the beginning I...
  2. jskyler91

    My Tips for Becoming Color Neutral

    This video is meant to be nothing more than a guide for those who wish to become color neutral. In short, my "method" for doing this, which is more just a scheduled way to change, calls for a 30 day period in which you do not ever use your original color. During this 30 days you will spend...