1. Sheldon

    [Unofficial] [Clock] 6.99 Ao5 (subWR)

    I made this video during my training for the Magic Open (next week-end). Hope to get ER or WR avg, if scrambles are cool.
  2. Sheldon

    [Unofficial] [Clock] 7.79 Ao5

    Hi guys, I'm a speedcuber from France. I finally release my first sub8 avg video on clock. My goal is to break the ER avg or, if scrambles are easy, the WR, at Magic Open 2011 (http://worldcubeassociation.org/results/c.php?i=MagicOpen2011) I know that Daniel had a sub6 Ao5 so I can progress.
  3. pierredewet12


    I can not seem to find someone that can explain the Petrus Method to me>>>>> you tube has been no help as all the people that put videos of them selves on there are downers and cant teach for there lives.>>>>> all i need is to get the intuitive f2l inside out. please help. any suggestions ...