1. A

    Selling entire collection! All types of cubes available

    Hey! I am trying to sell my entire cubing collection to the right person. I will sell them in bulk or one at a time. The cubes that I have available are as follows, along with their price in USD: Rubik's Brand 3x3 Stickerless - 5 Unproportional 3x3x7 - 12 Windmill Cube - 8 Pyraminx(Missing...
  2. Tony Fisher

    Tony Fisher's Petaminx Ball (AKA Petaball)

    Having made my 11x11x11 V-Ball I decided to use the same technique on a Petaminx. I first shaped the ball with a Dremel and then filled in the gaps with Milliput. For some pieces though this was clearly a mistake since the filled areas had more than one open side meaning I had to careful sculpt...