oll parity

  1. A

    New 4x4 OPA Method (How to avoid OLL parity)

    If you don't know what OPA is, you should watch this video first. Also, watch this from 7:20 to 8:34. I use the same letter scheme and orientation shown in the video. My buffer is I, but you can choose any buffer you want. It's just the place where you begin the first cycle. One more thing...
  2. Skittleskp

    Witch parity alg do you use?

    I was wondering to see what the most popular parity alg is. I did find a thread about this but it was from over a decade ago and I wanted more recent results. Lucas parity is more popular but drew parity is more useful for forcing OLL skips.
  3. Ultimate Cuber

    [Unofficial] (1:16.72) New 4x4 PB - Ultimate Cuber

    http://youtu.be/INos5ja5cDk Until now I haven't really practiced much on the 4x4 so I'm still pretty slow. What's your 4x4 average?
  4. Bhargav777

    Parity dance! :D :P

    Nikhil Mande's parity dance. :P (not me) THAT Rw2' at the end made my day :P
  5. Ágoston Török

    [Unofficial] OLL Parity 2.02 (YouTube UWR?)

    Bózsing Bence Hunor's OLL parity