old pochmann

  1. MrMan

    Need help with Old Pochmann corners

    Hello guys, I'm having trouble with old pochmann corners. A lot of time the buffer piece goes back into his position so I have to swap it with an other piece and then the buffer piece comes back in his position (or after a second corner has been placed). And it makes me 10-14 swap long corner...
  2. A

    Help me with BLD edges!

  3. R

    Old Pochmann Flipped Edges

    Hi all, I'm learning full Old Pochmann, (edges and corners), and watched Zane's tutorial (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idRv29MhQ74) on how to do it. But I'm still confused about flipped edges. I mean, in his tutorial, he briefly says that you shoot to both stickers. I get that part, but what I...
  4. antoineccantin

    [Unofficial] 1:11.04 3BLD (M2/OP) - Antoine Cantin

    Memo: 37 (corner: 22 and edge 15), execution: 34 (edge 15+3 and corner 14).
  5. B

    First Time Blindsolving a 3x3

    Well I've been learning about blindsolving (old pochmann) for quite a while, getting some of the techniques down before I actually attempted a blindsolve. I finally decided to try it out and this was the result. Failure (obviously) but not bad I suppose. I think I must have messed up some of the...
  6. cubeflip

    2x3x3 Blindfolded Tutorial

    How to solve a 2x3x3 cube blindfolded using Old Pochmann! Algs-- Y Perm: (R U') (R U') (R U R) D' (R U R) U' R D R Edges: R U2 R U2 R U2 Scramble: R2 F2 B2 U2 F2 B2 U' F2 B2 L2 U L2 F2 U' F2 B2 R2 F2 U B2 U2 F2 U F2 B2 L2 U2 R2 L2 F2 B2 L2
  7. Kenneth

    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    Use this thread for short BLD questions. (I was looking for it but did not see one, if there is? please let me know and I merge). -------------------------- Well, my question, TuRBo, is it only a edge method or did anyone develop the same for corners? (I'm looking at it atm, this is...