1. KobaltKour

    Shock Oil vs Diff Oil

    Hey guys, when looking around on the forums to find out if I should buy shock oil or differential oil for my GuHong, I couldn't seem to find a thread so I decided to make one. From my knowledge, differential oil is much thicker and more viscous than shock oil, but which is better? What are...
  2. kprox1994

    [Help Thread] Lubrication Thread

    I keep seeing all of these questions about lube. I think it would be good to keep lubrication questions all in one thread about where to buy and what lube to use for what cubes. Lube Types (Descriptions by Thrawst) Lubix is like UN Security Council resolutions: it's not a be all end all...
  3. Magix

    Silicone, Rubiks Cube

    I just bought the Rubik's brand 3x3x3 cube and it it's so stiff my hands literally get tired from solving the first cross.. So obviously I need to lubricate it, I went to a hardware/construction store thing, when I told them I need silicone lubricant they just looked at me with dumb faces and...