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  1. fortissim2

    My Road To Sub-20 (Tetris)

    So I've been playing a heck ton of Tetris recently, and uh. that's it heck I've been getting PBs after PBs in the 40-line Sprint category, and I'm aiming to be the 3rd Canadian to be sub-20! :) Wish me luck, and comment any suggestions to help me improve my times! Jstris username: fortissim2...
  2. xcross

    A discussion on Ghost Posts, Necro Posts, and other annoying thread fillers.

    I am REALLY frustrated with the amount of ghost posting, necroposting, and general lack of forum etiquette. I find that alot of the posts here are just used to fill up extra reactions or free post count. I would like your opinions on things like reaction games, and threads where you just spam...

    Commerce assignment help.

    Hello guys I was given this assignment in commerce and one of the parts of it is to create an online store that sells stuff although we don't have to actually sell anything. I don't know what to sell in this fictional store which leads to my question do you think I could sell cubes and other...