1. denthebro

    Multiblindfold Discussion (PBs, Successes, Fails)

    Hi cubers! I'm creating this thread to discuss Multiblind. Post your records, successes, failures or just anything about your multibld experience. Me and a bunch of my friends have had some great experiences, as well as some frustrating ones, so i'm sure that others had them themselves. Also...
  2. A

    [Spanish NR] Asier Cardoso MBLD 9/9 in 49:57 at Spanish Championship 2014

  3. Maskow

    [Unofficial] Multiblindfold 11/11, 22:04.70

    This is fifth attempt, only one fully complete and with best time :D (worst was something about 25:36) In video you can see my memo system but a large part of words is in Polish because I'm from Poland and I did it for Polish speedcubers. I'm using turbo for edges and Old Pochmann for...