multi bld

  1. C

    Good letter pair images for these pairs?

    I need good letter pair IMAGES for AV, AD, BJ, CQ, CX, DI, DN, EC, EH, GU The list of letter pairs on speedsolving wiki doesn't have good ones for all pairs.
  2. Meneghetti

    [Unofficial] 12/12 MBLD 55:23.58[41:35.13] (Diego Meneghetti)

    This was my 6th attempt with 12 cubes. Finally got it all right :D In two weeks I'll be trying this in a competition!
  3. Kenneth

    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    Use this thread for short BLD questions. (I was looking for it but did not see one, if there is? please let me know and I merge). -------------------------- Well, my question, TuRBo, is it only a edge method or did anyone develop the same for corners? (I'm looking at it atm, this is...