1. C

    Modded Shengshou 6x6 for sale or trade

    People who are going to alpharetta open 2016, I have a modded Shengshou 6x6 that I don't need. Would anyone be willing to buy or trade for it at the competition? You can try it out there so you can see if you like it or not.
  2. R

    Buying a Florian Modded 5x5

    Hey Guys, Does anyone know anywhere that I could buy a florian modded shengshou 5x5? I have tried to mod cubes before, but I just mess them up really bad. I am willing to pay $35-45 dollars for a new black cube, plus shipping. Thanks
  3. SnipeCube

    Trading a lot of cubes!

    Thread no longer active. Please delete.
  4. X

    [Unofficial] 11.86 ao5

    just a second faster than my last recorded avg haha, im finally improving! cube is a modded zhanchi mini. definitely reccomend it
  5. clarubik

    Looking to buy a modded V-Cube 6

    I have been looking for a modded V-6 for a while. I could give you up to $40 and possibly trade some cubes as well. Let me know by PM or comment here if you are interested.
  6. K

    [Konsta Mod] ShengShou 4x4 solution to internal lock-ups

    Hey. Trying to restart my cubing again and got couple new cubes, shengshou 4x4 v3 was one of them :) I made the normal edge and center mods to my cube, but had similar internal lock-up problems as many seem to have. Didn't find any solution for it from this site or youtube, so I decided to...