1. antoineccantin

    [WR] Feliks Zemdegs 7x7 mo3 2:52.09

  2. T

    [Unofficial] 3x3 BLD Mo3 2 1:29.89

    Today, I did some blind and I recorded this : I don't know if it's my PB. My conner's execution is very slow so have you got some tips to improve it?
  3. yoshinator

    [Unofficial] 5x5- 1:31.19 Mo3

    Seriously though, I really want to improve at 5x5 right now, so tell me how! Thanks! :)
  4. Noahaha

    Should official 3BLD mo3s be ranked? (Read the first post)

    I think that singles should still be what win competitions, but I think that in 3BLD there should also be rankings for means of 3. Here are my reasons: 1. The WR single has basically gotten to the point that anyone who wants to beat it would need a fairly lucky scramble (Marcell included). 2...
  5. Noahaha

    [Unofficial] Noah Arthurs 45.06 3BLD mo3

    Mean of 3: 45.06 1. 46.15 D2 F2 L' B' L2 D' L D' L F' L2 F' U2 B2 L2 B L2 B R2 D2 2. 50.75 R2 D' R2 F2 L2 F2 D' R2 U2 F2 D2 F' L2 R2 B' R B U' F U 3. 38.28 L2 D2 B L2 D2 B R2 D2 B R2 B2 L F' R D2 B' R2 D R' D2 F Cube: Cool Guhong Method: BH (and some M2) I'm happy to have any...
  6. Noahaha

    [Unofficial] Noah Arthurs 50.84 3BLD mo3 with 45.10 Single

    Sorry about posting so many videos. I've been recording a lot of solves recently because it adds pressure. Mean of 3: 50.84 1. 45.10 R F2 L B2 D2 R' U' B L U L' F2 R2 B2 U2 D2 R U2 F2 L 2. 57.42 U2 F R2 F L2 R2 F' D2 F D2 B D' R2 D B' R D' U B' R' B2 3. 50.01 D B2 U' B2 L2 D' R2...