1. Frapdeizer

    [ER] 6x6x6 1:56.43 mean of 3 - Michał Halczuk

    Still a lot of place to advance. Cube - AoShi, Stickers - my own production.
  2. Frapdeizer

    [Unofficial] Square-1: 12.87 avg of 5.

    Not very fast, but will be better. (I hope)
  3. Frapdeizer

    [Unofficial] 5x5: 59.70 single.

    Yeah, I'm slow. I shall restart practicing bigcubes soon.
  4. Frapdeizer

    [Unofficial] 18 Birthday solve.

    My video. Fss0SyXug9A Full video from my friend. 8MuD3QhfVWM