1. antoineccantin

    Cubemeet / demo in Ottawa, Canada (March 13-14 2014)

    My school's Cube Club (Club de Cube L'Escale) are organizing a cube demo / meet at the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology for they're science week. It will be on Thursday and Friday March 13-14 from about 10:00 to 3:00. You're welcome to come meet other cubers in the area and show...
  2. Maccoboy

    Any Brighton cubers? Brighton cube meet?

    Hey i was wondering if there are any cubers based in brighton or around brighton in the uk? Also would everyone like to have a cube meet in brighton?
  3. CharlieCooper

    UK Cubers!

    Hello all of you chatty UK folk Today while browsing in TX Maxx I noticed there was a three puzzle set in the bag/tools/man section that contained three puzzles for £7, which separately would probably cost almost £30. It included the first brainstring, which is pretty cool (I really like...
  4. dChan

    Speedcubing in California

    This is another desperate attempt to find some other cubers in California. Would be cool if we could meet up somewhere where we can do some cube races and stuff. I still don't really know any cubers in real life so if you are in the area or live here in CA just post here so we can meet up or...