1. Fukuoka Kengo James

    YJ YuPo v2 M, best budget 2x2

    yj yupo v2m is my current main, and it's underrated. It's performance is as good as the yjmgc. yj yupo v2m has 50degree nornal corner cutting and 30degree reverse, which is as good as 3x3 flagships. it's fast and stable. Although it's price is kind of budget, it doesn't feel budget. The plastic...
  2. Y

    MF3RS2M, Yuxin Little Magic M or Yuxin Huanglong M?

    Hi, I'm new here so forgive me if I'm posting incorrectly! I'm interested in cubing and now I want to buy a speedcube. I'm thinking of getting either the Cubicle Labs MF3RS2M, Cubicle Labs Yuxin Little Magic M or the Cubicle Pro Shop Yuxin Huanglong M. Which one do you think will be best for...
  3. collinbxyz

    What Is Your Main Speedcube? (Community Poll)

    There have been numerous threads like this before, but the most recent one that I'm aware of is from 2012, so I thought it'd be worth asking again, particularly with the myriad of cubes that have come out recently. This may also be able to help some people in deciding upon what cube(s) they...
  4. Ruben

    What's your main 2x2?

    I've been looking for a 2x2 poll, but many are outdated so I think its time for new poll. If you chose 'other' please comment which one. Also comment your back-ups, preferred plastic color, and avg. plus PB
  5. M

    Main 3x3 poll

    MULTIPLE CHOICE POLL :) What's your main 3x3 cube? (I know there's already a poll about main 3x3, but there is no accurate cube models just a brand name, so i make this one.) Edit: If you use other cube (not included in a poll), please tell us about it in a comment section ;)
  6. natezach728

    Is Your Main 4x4 a Shengshou v3, v4, v5, or Other?

    Post what your main 4x4 is! My main is a v3. Let's see which will triumph!:)
  7. immortalchaos29

    How much better are you with your main? (prove it!)

    I was curious whether my main (Zhanchi) was actually faster than other cubes. In fact, it seems like every week I change my mind about what my favorite cube is. In order to prove it, I took an average of 20 for each cube and these were the results: Cube Average St. Dev. S_pooled...
  8. R

    Types of Cubes...?

    What different cubes do you have? What is your main one?
  9. collinbxyz

    What cube is right for you?

    Hey, I found this cool website that generates what speed cube you would like best depending on what info you put in. Like if you put in light weight, accurate turner, etc. There is no download. The cool thing is, I tried it, and it guessed my main! (Ghost Hand II) Try it if you are looking for a...