1. L

    [Unofficial] 0.58 2x2 Single

    F U R U R F R F R2 U R2 Really easy scramble. Quite glad I got it on video, as I rarely film solves.
  2. Penguino138

    [Unofficial] 2x2 In 1.69

    This is my PB I got with my Lanlan 2x2. It was a PBL skip but I'm still proud of it. Scramble: R F U2 F2 R' F2
  3. collinbxyz

    First Competition - 11 year old

    I am 11, and I am going to my first comp! I am not that good, and don't expect to do too great, but I am willing to have fun! My Lucky PB is 22.98 and my Non-lucky PB is 23.73, although I average somewhere around 35-40 seconds. =[ Does anybody have advice so I can easily do better in the next...
  4. Davepencilguin

    Easy / Lucky / Funny / Hard / Weird scrambles thread

    Have you ever gotten a REALLY lucky scramble, where you start with a semi-solved cube? I got this scramble for the 2x2x2 form JNetCube timer: L B2 D L D2 L' D F' U' R F2 D B2 U' F' L D F' U2 R2 B R' B2 U' F2 Anybody have any?