1. teboecubes

    Future Cube Lube, the lube that makes your SOLVE Better, not just your cube! (Skit)

  2. Baron1213

    Lube for my cube

    Hey guys. I just wanted to know what kind of lube should I use for my cube. We do not have those silicon based lubes in India here, so I use Vaseline, but have to reapply it every other week. Also, is glass/crystal cleaner a good lube. Are there any household substitutes for silicon spray. I...
  3. Gallifrey

    Buying Lubix nozzle

    I need one of those little green nozzle/tip things that come with lubix lube. Anyone got one?
  4. ThomasJE

    What is the best lubricant? [poll]

    What do you think is the best lubricant out there? Vote in the poll and/or post. If I've missed one, just post and I'll ask a mod to add it to the poll. I've left out Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly for obvious reasons. Base your answer on: Cost Avalibility How long it lasts After effects...
  5. E

    CRC 2-26 Electrical Grade?

    It says it's safe to use on plastic, but it also says it contains petroleum distillates which I've heard melts cubes. Is this lube safe to use and will it work? Thanks.
  6. solved

    Blaster Lube Question/Story

    So, sitting in my room is a can of "Fabulous" B'laster Silicon Spray lubricant. It claims to be safe on plastics. I have a single cube, a nice ghosthand 1. It turns pretty well, but I still think I should lube it. Anyway, I bought a can of this lubricant at a local hardware store (I couldn't...
  7. kprox1994

    [Help Thread] Lubrication Thread

    I keep seeing all of these questions about lube. I think it would be good to keep lubrication questions all in one thread about where to buy and what lube to use for what cubes. Lube Types (Descriptions by Thrawst) Lubix is like UN Security Council resolutions: it's not a be all end all...