1. Shreyas NT

    Efficent Method Of Lubing Your cubes!

    try it! :) by the end of the video, the Mini Aolong was amazing for me! :) I made another video of a Unique Vperm alg on my page, so go check that out too! :)
  2. Winston Yang

    [Help thread] DaYan ZhanChi

    Hi I recently received a Dayan Zhanchi and it is really good and I was wondering if your center caps are really loose like myns they are really loose
  3. kprox1994

    [Help Thread] Lubrication Thread

    I keep seeing all of these questions about lube. I think it would be good to keep lubrication questions all in one thread about where to buy and what lube to use for what cubes. Lube Types (Descriptions by Thrawst) Lubix is like UN Security Council resolutions: it's not a be all end all...