lube service

  1. porkyp10

    [Help Thread] Is it better to lube a cube by yourself than buying a premium cube?

    I already have the MoYu RS3M 2020 and now I want to have it with an Angstrom cube setup. Is it better to just buy another RS3M with the premium setup or should I get all the lube used in that setup? For a comparison of price, an Angstrom RS3M 2020 costs $20, while all the lubed used in the setup...
  2. ketchuphater999

    Cube lubing service

    Hello cubers of San Jose, California! I am starting a cube lubing service. If you want you cube lubed with lubix lube, or you just don't have time to lube, drop you cube off at my house along with a $5 fee and also tell me when and where you want your cube back. Your $5 will go to the National...